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NWRI Corporate Associates Program


The NWRI Corporate Associates Program is designed to promote collaboration and information exchange between our corporate partners, the water and wastewater utilities that serve as NWRI member agencies, and our colleagues in the water industry.


In 2011, the Corporate Associates Program was refined and improved to become more interactive in:


Current NWRI Corporate Associates

NWRI gratefully acknowledges the support provided by our current Corporate Associate members:


Membership Dues


All membership fees are exclusively used to fund the next generation of scientists and engineers who are conducting exciting new research related to water resources through NWRI graduate fellowships.


Support from the Corporate Associates Program has been instrumental in expanding the number of students we fund each year. In return, we share the summarized results of Fellowship-funded research with our Corporate Associates, and promote the Corporate Associates as sponsors of the Fellowship Program.


Membership Benefits


In 2011, we added the following new benefits to our Corporate Associates Program:




Continuing Corporate Associate benefits include:



Become an NWRI Corporate Associate


We encourage and invite companies to join the NWRI Corporate Associates Program, which provides a valuable information-exchange and networking opportunity among utilities, researchers, and corporations in the water industry. The Corporate Associates Program also supports the research of graduate students working to address water issues in the United States.


For more information about the NWRI Corporate Associates program, please contact:


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