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The 2018 NWRI Clarke Prize will be held

October 26, 2018 in Orange County, CA!

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2015 NWRI Clarke Prize Conference


"Research and Innovations in Urban Water Sustainability"


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Conference Presentations (Slides and Videos)


To download PDFs of the slides, please or to watch individual presentations on video, please click on their respective links below. The videos will also available on our NWRI YouTube channel.



Jeff Mosher of NWRI welcomed participants to the 2015 Clarke Prize Conference.


Conference Welcome

Jeff Mosher, National Water Research Institute



Morning Keynote Presentation  


Water and Sanitation for the Developing World

Joseph B. Hughes, Drexel University




Session 1: Planning for Sustainable Water Supplies and Water Resources



Roy Herndon, Chief Hydrogeologist at Orange County Water District, spoke about the California Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.

Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) and Orange County Groundwater Basin

Roy Herndon, Orange County Water District


Pure Water San Diego: Surface Water Augmentation

Jeffery Pasek, City of San Diego Public Utilities Department


Update on Climate Change and Water

Jerald Schnoor, University of Iowa.



Karen Larsen, Deputy Director of the California State Water Resources Control Board's Division of Drinking Water, spoke about the future of California water.

Afternoon Keynote Presentation  

The Future of California Water

Karen Larsen, California State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Drinking Water



Session 2: Addressing the Challenges of Urban Water Sustainability


Direct Potable Reuse Framework

George Tchobanoglous, UC Davis


Bruce Rittmann of Arizona State University answers questions after his presentation.  

Stormwater Capture, Treatment, and Recharge for Urban Water Supply 

Richard G. Luthy, Standford University



Session 3: New and Innovative Sustainable Technologies


Anaerobic Fluidized Bed Membrane Bioreactor Treatment of Domestic Wastewater for Potential Reuse

Perry McCarty, Stanford University

Granular Activated Sludge: The Future of Biological Nutrient Removal

James Barnard, Black & Veatch Corporation


Detoxifying Oxidized Contaminants

Bruce Rittmann, Arizona State University



John Crittenden (left) of Georgia Institute of Technology received the 2015 Clarke Prize for excellence in water research. James Irvine Swinden (right) presented the award to Crittenden on behalf of the Joan Irvine Smith and Athalie R. Clarke Foundation.

2015 Clarke Prize Award Ceremony and Lecture


Clarke Prize Award Ceremony

Honoring John C. Crittenden 

and 2015 Clarke Prize Lecture

Jeff Mosher, NWRI; Joseph B. Hughes, Drexel University; and James Irvine Swinden (Award Ceremony)

John C. Crittenden, Georgia Institute of Technology (Lecture)


2015 Clarke Prize  Lecture:

Water for Everything and the Transformative Technologies to Improve Water Sustainability

John C. Crittenden, Georgia Institute of Technology




About the Conference


The 2015 NWRI Clarke Prize Conference brought together scientists and experts from across the water community to discuss the most innovative research and technology developments happening today in urban water sustainability.


Held on October 30, 2015, in Huntington Beach, California, the conference featured presentations by the NWRI Clarke Prize Laureates, representatives from local water and wastewater utilities, and academics from various universities. The talks focused on managing and advancing sustainable water treatment technologies.


The result was an extended discussion on water resources that included theoretical concepts, basic science research, practical applications, and case studies. The highlight of the event was the Clarke Prize Award Ceremony and Lecture in honor of John C. Crittenden, Ph.D., P.E., N.A.E., C.A.E., Director of the Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems at Georgia Institute of Technology, and the twenty-second recipient of the NWRI Athalie Richardson Irvine Clarke Prize for excellence in water research.


Crittenden was selected as the 2015 recipient for his vision and dedication to developing sustainable urban water resources. At Michigan Technical University, he directed a center for green chemistry and environmentally responsible engineering that focused on eliminating contaminants rather than just treating them. In this position, Crittenden led professionals from various disciplines in collaborative research to develop clean technologies for manufacturing and chemical production.  Because of his leadership in this area, Crittenden was selected by the American Institute of Engineers as one of the “100 Eminent Chemical Engineers in Modern Times.” 


More than 120 people attended the conference, representing universities, consulting firms, government agencies, manufacturing firms, water and wastewater utilities, and others.


Clarke Prize Supporters


The Clarke Prize Conference would not be possible without the support of our NWRI Member Agencies, Corporate Associates, and Clarke Prize Sponsors.  We gratefully recognize:


Julian Villa and Serge Haddad of Los Angeles Water and Power (LADWP) chat during a break between water science presentations.
NWRI Graduate Fellows Matt Flood, Chen Chen, and Tushar Jain assist Brandi Caskey of NWRI with registration at the 2015 Clarke Prize Conference. 

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NWRI Corporate Associates

Clarke Prize Sponsors


Conference Planning Committee

Clarke Prize Laureates at the Twenty-Second Annual NWRI Clarke Prize Award Ceremony and Lecture, held on October 30, 2015.


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