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NWRI provides various kinds of outreach materials for the benefit of policy makers, water community professionals, and the general public. These materials range from educational websites or videos to children's activity books.


Salinity Management Guide

Video Series: Water from Water

The Value of Water: Recognizing and Using the Full Potential of Your Water Supply

Give Water a Second Chance ... Recycle It!



Salinity Management Guide

Salinity Management Guide


The Salinity Management Guide is a web-based tool that shows how recycled water can be safely used for landscape irrigation and that salinity can be addressed through proper management strategies. It may be accessed online at www.salinitymanagement.org.

Designed for landscape designers, park managers, and others using recycled water for landscape irrigation, the Salinity Management Guide is an interactive, user-friendly database that provides information varying from the basics of salinity to the design or redesign of landscape systems based on water needs, soil conditions, and the salt-tolerance of plants. It is the only database of its kind that provides information on the effects of water quality on plants, soils, and water application systems.

Sponsors of the Salinity Management Guide include the California Department of Water Resources, Central Basin Municipal Water District, City of Cerritos (California), Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Southern California Salinity Coalition, Water Replenishment District, WateReuse Foundation, West Basin Municipal Water District, and NWRI.

The Salinity Management Guide is also available on CD-ROM. To receive a complimentary copy of the CD-ROM, please email NWRI.


Video Series: Water from Water

The Water from Water educational video series informs the public about significant water issues facing the nation. The series was produced by NWRI in cooperation with various agencies, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation; American Desalting Association; and International Desalination Association.

Initially aired on PBS and on various cable channels, the Water from Water series is also distributed to schools, community organizations, public agencies, and decision-makers across the country.

Videos include:

  Vol. 1: Desalinization & Recycling: New Century, New Sources
  Vol. 2: Recycling
  Vol. 3-4: Clean Water: What's It Worth?
  Vol. 5: Veins of Mother Earth: A Native American Perspective of Water
  Vol. 6: The Value of Water

Click here to order a DVD from the Water from Water video series.


The Value of WaterThe Value of Water: Recognizing and Using the Full Potential of Your Water Supply
12 pages
Published 1999 by NWRI

The Value of Water is an educational tool that shows both the general public and water utilities how to recognize the real value of water.

The real value of water is not associated with its price or cost, but what it does to enhance the environment, economy, and quality of life for the general population.

Topics Include:

This publication is available for complimentary download by clicking here.

Give Water a Second Chance...recycle it!


Give Water a Second Chance ... Recycle It!
Published 2006

This activity book, produced by the California Section of the WateReuse Association with the Water Education Foundation, teaches upper elementary school children about how water is recycled.

Included is background information on the processes of recycled water and its similarity to the water cycle, as well as the need for recycled water.

Please call NWRI at (714) 378-3278 for a complimentary copy.

To purchase multiple copies, please visit the "Products" section of the Water Education Foundation website.