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News and Events

Upcoming Events

NWRI lists upcoming events, such as workshops and meetings, on our website. Registration is also available online.  

Past Events

Information about past NWRI events may be found on our "Past Events" page, which may include brief descriptions about workshops, conferences, and meetings, as well as photos or downloadable presentations.


The NWRI e-newsletter is a brief monthly newsletter that is e-mailed to individuals and businesses in the water and wastewater industries. It is used to make general announcements and to promote upcoming events and publications.

"Briefings" Newsletter

The "Briefings" is NWRI's semi-annual newsletter that includes articles on NWRI activities, member agencies, corporate sponsors, NWRI-sponsored research, and more.

News Releases

An archived list of downloadable NWRI news releases is available online.