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Program Administration


NWRI's Program Administration services provide industry partners with the resources needed to run effective programs addressing specific needs within the water and wastewater communities.

In effect, NWRI manages these programs on a contractual basis on behalf of other organizations.


As the program manager, NWRI is responsible for the following duties:


Responsibilities associated with the sponsoring organization(s) include:

Current Programs

Southern California Salinity Coalition
SoCal Salinity Coalition
NWRI manages the Southern California Salinity Coalition (SCSC), which addresses the critical need to remove salt from water supplies and preserve water resources in California.

SCSC's purpose is to coordinate salinity management strategies and programs - including research projects - with water and wastewater agencies throughout Southern California.

NWRI and SCSC also support the Southwest Membrane Operator Association (SWMOA), a unique organization devoted to training and certifying membrane plant operators in Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona.

For more information, please visit www.socalsalinity.org.

Utility Branding Network
Utility Branding Network
NWRI manages the Utility Branding Network on behalf of water and wastewater agencies to help utilities better understand the principles and benefits of branding.

The Network provides utilities with expertise on how to build a strong brand to make them formidable competitors for investment in a narrowing market of available funds.

By joining the Network, utilities are provided with the tools to clearly communicate the value they provide to increase trust and support from policy makers and the community, which are vital for investment in water resources, public health, and infrastructure.

For more information, please visit www.utilitybranding.net.

For more information about program management, please contact:


Kevin Hardy
Executive Director, NWRI
Phone: (714) 378-3278
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