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Youth Programs

Youth ProgramsNWRI's educational activities inspire and interest young people in becoming the next generation of water and wastewater professionals by using fun, interactive events to promote water education and involvement.

NWRI provides a wide range of student activities that promote youth education in the value of water and different careers available in the water and wastewater fields, such as:

Science Fair

Each year, NWRI provides awards for exceptional water-science projects by secondary school students at the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair in Orange County, California. Awards include $100 checks and award certificates.

Water Festivals

NWRI sponsors the water festivals and fairs of other organizations, helping to provide an interactive venue for families and their children to learn about the value of water. Examples include:

O.C. Water Camp
O.C. Water Camp
NWRI helps organize and run O.C. Water Camp, an educational summer program that uses hands-on activities to educate youth about science and water.

Students (ages 12-15) who are interested in science and the environment are selected to participate in the free week-long program to learn about water issues, such as treatment, conservation, reuse, and environmental protection through daily activities that include real-world lab experiments and field trips into organizations vital to the water community.

Water Camp also gives students first-hand exposure to the duties and roles undertaken by the many individuals who make up the water community.